Artel d.o.o.
“We have maintained a business relationship with Jasmina Jenko since 1993. This fact says it all. Professionalism and quality, quick response and willingness to help are the features that characterise the Anis biro company.”
Jenko Vojteh, Lord Byron bar:
“I am particularly satisfied because they help me, alert me of the problems and pitfalls and notify me of new developments. Their correct and quality attitude helps me save a lot of time and of course money”.
Martina Vatovec s.p. – sole trader:
“Doing what we know how to do is easier than doing what we don’t know how to do, and everything we don’t know how to do is done for us by Anis biro d.o.o.. In this way, we can save our time and energies in doing the work and implementing changes required by law.”
Center za starejše občane Lucija d.o.o. (Centre for Senior Citizens)
is a private company engaged in care for the elderly under a concession contract. Since we engage in non-profit activity and are bound by the line regulations and the laws governing the provision of public services, the provisions of the concession contract concluded with the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, our legal form and characteristics of a limited liability company, our operations are extremely complex and require a broad knowledge including of tax and financial regulations.
Being aware of the importance of the quality of our work, we have incorporated the ISO 9001-2008 Standard requirements into the Centre’s policy and obtained a Quality Management System Certificate which additionally also requires high qualification and appropriate knowledge and skills in the area of accounting.
For this reason, we have entrusted the accounting and tax treatment of our data to the company ANIS BIRO d.o.o. and hired them as our business and tax consultant since their professional work meets our needs and requirements.
Kocjančič Aljoša, agency manager, Agencija Mori d.o.o
As we are well aware how important are professionalism, affability and best efforts to meet customer demands, I am very pleased to cooperate with a company that has these qualities.
As the driving force behind the company, Jasmina Jenko has the vision, knowledge and ability to satisfy even the most demanding customer.
As we are involved in the activities where changes occur on a daily basis, sound management of a company requires up-to-date and timely information. The company Anis Biro has professional staff to assist its customers by providing them with a reliable service in this matter. Moreover, they make your day enjoyable with warm welcome and kind words.
In the same way as I have a personal physician whom I trust I also have my own “financial” doctor whom I have entrusted with the care for healthy operations of my company.
Anis Biro is the right choice for ensuring sound health of my company.

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