I would like to become a sole trader and operate an online shop. I plan to import products from the EU and resell them in Slovenia. Do I need to become liable for VAT from the very beginning?
If you are not liable for VAT, send to the foreign companies-your suppliers your VAT ID and tell them that you are not liable for VAT. The companies will then verify this fact in the VIES system. If you are not liable for VAT, the suppliers will charge you for the goods with VAT included, and you may then resell the goods by adding your margin without VAT, as tax must be paid to the foreign suppliers. However, if you are liable for VAT, purchase the goods abroad without tax and add your margin and VAT which is paid to you by the buyer and which you must then pay to the state.
In practice, companies often also require the VAT identification number, which means that one should often adapt to their demands and become liable for VAT.
Where can I get a self-employment grant?
In March 2011, the Employment Service of Slovenia announced that it was out of money for self-employment grants for that year. The terms and conditions for obtaining the grant have recently been slightly changed and more than 2100 unemployed persons will be eligible to apply for it again. More on this subject has also been and will continue to be available on our website.
What is the cost of becoming a sole trader if I already have a regular job?
Contributions for part-time sole traders popoldanski s. p. who work 40 or more hours a week are EUR 32,14 plus EUR 4,55 for health insurance or a total of EUR 35,97 a month. Contributions for health insurance are subject to change depending on the level of the minimum wage.
Where can I register a supplementary activity for a limited liability company and how much does it cost?
Additional activities for limited liability companies and sole traders are best registered at one stop shop points since they do it for free. I recommend you to examine the list of all activities seznam vseh dejavnosti, and pay attention to whether the activity is classified as craft obrtna , as in such case you will have to apply to the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia for a licence and pay a membership fee.
Shall I become a sole trader or set up a limited liability company?

On the taking up of an activity it is perhaps more recommended to become a sole trader. This form of business does not require initial capital of EUR 7,500. A sole trader is required to pay monthly contributions of about EUR 35 a month (part-time sole traders) and a minimum of EUR 285 (regular sole traders). Contributions must also be paid by a limited liability company; however, the weak point is that the owner of a limited liability company assumes liability for potential debts of the company with all his assets. If there are more than one company members, the most reasonable solution is to set up a limited liability company. We recommend you to read the article Razlike med s. p. in d. o. o..

What are the possible types of sole tradership and how much does it cost to set up one?

You can set up a part-time popoldanski s. p. or regular sole tradership. For persons who already hold a full-time job the cost of setting up a part-time sole tradership starts at EUR 34 a month and up to EUR 340 for students. Contributions prispevki for regular sole tradership are about EUR 285 a month. In both cases the cost scale is progressive, which means that higher profits for the previous year are associated with higher contributions.

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